Earn Commission & Build Your Business With SCI-MX

SCI-MX is recommended by more personal trainers than any other brand in Europe because it delivers results. The SCI-MX Gym/PT Loyalty Programme is a simple business model delivering you additional profits from the sale of SCI-MX supplements to your gym members, clients and their friends.

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Gym/PT benefits of the Sci-MX
loyalty program

  • 50% off your first purchase
    Trial a range of SCI-MX products at a very low price.
  • Build an additional revenue stream
    Receive up to 15% commission on all purchases made by your clients. This is done through your unique personal trainer code.
  • Additional 5% discount for your clients
    Your clients save an additional 5% off our already reduced online prices!
  • Free Stuff
    Get free stuff including SCI-MX clothing, shaker bottles, products, samples and be the first to test new products.
  • No cash outlay.
  • You are able to offer a full range of supplements that would be impossible to stock.
  • You continue to earn even if they leave the Gym or PT (life time value!).
  • Cross promotional opportunities to promote your Gym via SCI-MX such as free passes, special events etc.
  • Ongoing marketing via SCI-MX to drive higher member purchase levels such as discounts, special introductory offers on new lines, free stuff etc…and you still earn commission!
  • Able to range high turnover products at your Gym such as, protein bars and RTD protein drinks to earn great margins.
  • Your code is likely to be shared with other people who are not members, thus increasing the revenue allocated to your account. We encourage this!
  • You are able to login at any time to your own area to see who is buying, how much they’re buying, top selling products, commission earned, commission paid, access downloadable market material etc.
  • Reduce risk of your members buying elsewhere.
  • Ongoing SCI-MX advertising in Men's Health & Men's Fitness.


Cross promotional opportunities with Sci-MX offers, competitions, new product trials, super promo offers and much more.

Coming Soon

Your business will be marketed by Sci-MX through our
online personal trainer database, including your details,
qualifications, location, rates & introductory offers.
We will also notify you of people looking for personal
trainers in your area!


How Does it Work?

  • You recommend SCI-MX to your members and clients.
  • Members/clients use a unique code to get an additional saving of 5% on already reduced online prices (up to 25% saving).
  • Once the code is used, all revenue from this member is allocated to you even if they use other discount codes that are offered from time to time. The only time your commission will stop is if they enter another Gym or PT code.
  • A commission revenue stream is paid out
    each quarter to the Gym/PT’s bank
    account at the below levels:
  • Bronze Status
  • Silver Status
    After sales of $25,000
  • Gold Status
    After sales of $50,000 (total sales not PA)
  • For Gyms, you can personalise your
    programme by splitting commissions over
    3 levels ie. Head Office, Gym and PTs.

Benefits to your member's clients

  • Access to quality supplements that
    do what they say they’ll do to help
    clients get more out of their training
    & achieve their goals.
  • Additional savings of 5% off already reduced online prices (savings of up to 25%).
  • Access to great promotional offers and savings including first to trial new products, additional discounts, competitions, samples and free stuff!
  • Access to advice on
    supplements and
    specialised training
barbell dumbbell